Das Sprachenzentrum der HU stellt gegen eine Gebühr von 20 EUR nach einem Sprachtest (Dauer ca. Für die Länder der EU finden Sie genauere Informationen unter ERASMUS. Mit Partnern aus anderen Weltregionen verbinden die HU mehr als 100 Verträge. Partneruniversitäten Die Wirtschaftswissenschaftliche Fakultät hat hat entsprechende Vereinbarungen zur Studierendenmobilität im Rahmen von ERASMUS mit mehr als 80 Partneruniversitäten in über 28 Ländern. Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Institut für Geschichtswissenschaften Info. The Social Democrats led coalition governments for most of the post-war period until the 1980s, consolidating the country's liberal reputation, although concerns at high taxation levels and tension over immigration have put the centre-right in office for several long periods since then. Die Juristische Fakultät besitzt Austauschverträge mit Partneruniversitäten in verschiedensten Ländern – im Rahmen des Erasmus-Programms und im Rahmen weltweiter Kooperationsprogramme. The Korean War ended in 1953 without a peace agreement, leaving South Korea technically at war for more than fifty years. PD Dr. Mohsen Makki Tel. The country is still trying to come to terms with the trauma of a two-decade conflict - roughly from 1980 to 2000 - between the state and leftist guerrilla groups, the Tupac Amaru Revolutionary Movement and the Shining Path, which still has a following. The constitution of 1978 enshrines respect for linguistic and cultural diversity within a united Spain. Surrounded by the European Union, it has vacillated between seeking closer engagement with its powerful neighbour and other international organisations, and preferring a more isolationist course. Since the fall of the US-backed dictatorship of Fulgencio Batista in 1959 Cuba has been a one-party state led by Mr Castro and - since February 2008 - by his anointed successor, younger brother Raul. Relations with the US showed signs of a thaw following the election of President Barack Obama, who in April 2009 said he wanted a new beginning with Cuba. After centuries as a powerful medieval kingdom, Hungary was part of the Ottoman and then Habsburg empires from the 16th century onwards, emerging as an independent country again after World War I. Im Folgenden wird Ihnen das Bewerbungsverfahren vorgestellt. Für weltweite Partnerverträge informieren Sie sich bitte unter. Sprachgutachten können am Sprachenzentrum der HU Berlin erstellt werden. It was the birthplace of the former Soviet bloc's first officially recognised independent mass political movement when strikes at the Gdansk shipyard in August 1980 led to agreement with the authorities on the establishment of the Solidarity trade union. Als Studierende/r der HU mit sehr guten und guten Studienleistungen kannst du dich für ein Teilstudium von einem oder zwei Semestern an einer der Partneruniversitäten bewerben, vor deiner Abfahrt musst du 2 Semester deines Studiums erfolgreich absolviert haben. It has been locked in conflict with the Palestinians and its Arab neighbours over ownership of land considered holy by Jews, Christians and Muslims since its creation in 1948. Bitte beachten Sie die Hinweise der Humboldt-Universität zu COVID-19 (Corona Virus SARS-CoV-2). Economic strength has allowed Vladimir Putin - Russia's dominant political figure since 2000 - to enhance state control over political institutions and the media - a process supplemented more recently by an emphasis on fierce nationalism and hostility to the West. Dazu können für fast alle Partneruniversitäten die Sprachtests der HU anerkannt werden. Many of the elements that make up the foundation of the modern world originated in China including: paper, gunpowder, credit banking, the compass and paper money. Mehr Informationen. However, the collapse of the banking system in 2008 exposed that prosperity as having been built on a dangerously vulnerable economic model. Mit Partnern aus anderen Weltregionen verbinden die HU mehr als 100 Verträge. Sommer- und Winterschulangebote der HU und anderer Universitäten. Ex-premier Jens Stoltenberg is Nato's secretary general. The years which followed saw protracted conflicts culminating in independence for Algeria and most other French colonies in Africa as well as decolonisation in south-east Asia. Ruled at various times during the middle ages by Denmark, the German knights of the Livonian Order, and Sweden, Estonia ended up part of the Russian Empire in the 18th century. Liste der Partneruniversitäten Europe's northernmost country, the Kingdom of Norway is famed for its mountains and spectacular fjord coastline, as well as its history as a seafaring power. Schweiz BA, MA BA, MA BA, MA. Strategische Partneruniversitäten . Die Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin beteiligt sich seit 1991 sehr erfolgreich am europäischen Mobilitätsprogramm ERASMUS und hat seither mehr als 10.000 Studierende im Rahmen eines auslandsbezogenen Studienaufenthaltes gefördert. In jedem Falle empfiehlt es sich, das Incoming Team bei Fragen zu kontaktieren. PD Dr. Mohsen Makki Tel. Mehr Informationen. Aarhus Universitet, Institut for Kultur och Samfund Nordre Ringgade, DK-8000 Aarhus C Tel. France is known the world over for its cuisine, fashion, culture and language. The varied landscape stretches from the mountainous, heavily populated regions of the east to the sparsely populated, energy-rich lowlands in the west, and from the industrialised north, with its Siberian climate and terrain, through the arid, empty steppes of the centre, to the fertile south. Tel. The "Prague Spring" of 1968, when Communist leader Alexander Dubcek tried to bring in liberal reforms, was crushed by Warsaw Pact tanks. The Swedes still enjoy an advanced welfare system, and their standard of living and life expectancy are almost second to none. Eine Sammlung aller Partneruniversitäten der HU finden Sie im ERASMUS Handbuch der Programm- und Partnerländer. 1 Für die Länder der EU finden Sie genauere Informationen unter ERASMUS. Slovakia has a significant Romany population which suffers disproportionately high levels of poverty and social deprivation. The division of the former British mandate of Palestine and the creation of the state of Israel in the years after the end of World War II was the culmination of the Zionist movement, whose aim was a homeland for Jews scattered all over the world. 10099 Berlin Sitz. Hier finden Sie eine aktuelle Liste mit Partneruniversitäten (Stand März 2018). Income from vast natural resources, above all oil and gas, have helped Russia overcome the economic collapse of 1998. Are you interested in working at the International Office? Bitte erfragen Sie an Ihrer Heimatuniversität, ob diese eine Partnerschaft mit der HU vereinbart hat. 10099 Berlin Sitz. zur Immatrikulation internationaler Programmstudierender. The move came just weeks after it joined Nato. Russia has also taken steps to revitalise ties with its Soviet-era ally, and in July 2009 signed an agreement to explore Cuba's offshore oil reserves. Erst wenn alle Schritte absolviert wurden, ist der Bewerbungsprozess abgeschlossen. It also enjoys one of the world's highest standards of living, in large part due to the discovery in the late 1960s of offshore oil and gas. weltweiter Austausch. More than a quarter of the population is Russian-speaking and the rights of this section of society have been a thorny issue since independence. Dazu kommen noch über 10 Fakultätsvereinbarungen. Partneruniversitäten außerhalb der Europäischen Union Die Humboldt-Universität hat mit vielen Partnern in aller Welt Verträge abgeschlossen, die den internationalen Austausch erleichtern. School of Business and Economics A key player on the global stage and a country at the political heart of Europe, France paid a high price in both economic and human terms during the two world wars. Located at the crossroads of the Atlantic and the Mediterranean, Europe and Africa, Spain's history and culture are made up of a rich mix of diverse elements. For almost half of the 20th century Portugal was a dictatorship in which for decades Antonio de Oliveira Salazar was the key figure. Bitte fülle es aus und reiche es im Wiwi International Office ein: Swiss Mobility Agreement OLS Sprachtest . Since independence following the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, major investment in the oil sector has brought rapid economic growth, and eased some of the start disparities in wealth of the 1990s. 10099 Berlin Sitz. Die Universitäten und Austauschplätze der WiWi für das akademische Jahr 2021-22, Partneruniversitäten der WiWi für das AJ 2021-22. While the country is renowned for these and other delights, it is also notorious for its precarious political life and has had several dozen governments since the end of World War II. Mehr Informationen. After stagnating for more than two decades under the rigid authoritarianism of early communist rule under its late leader, Chairman Mao, China now has the world's fastest-growing economy and is undergoing what has been described as a second industrial revolution. Informationen zur Immatrikulation entnehmen Sie bitte der Informationsbroschüre zur Immatrikulation internationaler Programmstudierender. Bevor dein Erasmus-Semester log geht, bekommst du per Email einen Link von der EU zum OLS Sprachtest geschickt (ca. It has a long history as a major player in international affairs and fulfils an important role in the EU, UN and Nato. Double Degrees (Caution: Excellent mathematical skills are required): A sparsely-populated North Atlantic island, Iceland is famous for its hot springs, geysers and active volcanoes. It has especially rich traditions in folk and classical music and has been the birthplace of many outstanding performers and composers, including Franz Liszt, Bela Bartok and Zoltan Kodaly. Forscher*innen aus Berlin und Bochum untersuchten, welche Personen die „Corona-Warn-App" in Deutschland nutzen, welche nicht und wie sie ihre Entscheidung begründeten. Bitte nehmen Sie diese Registrierung erst nach der Nominierung vor. Im Rahmen der Personalmobilität sind einwöchige Aufenthalte (fünf Tage) an Partneruniversitäten der unten stehenden Kategorien bevorzugt förderfähig. The US has tens of thousands of soldiers in the country. Iceland became an independent republic in 1944 and went on to become one of the world's most prosperous economies. China is the world's most populous country, with a fascinating culture stretching back nearly 4,000 years. : +49 30 2093-12300 Fax: +49 30 2093-12301 Kontaktformular. Studierende, die daran interessiert sind, einen Auslandsaufenthalt an einer dieser Partneruniversitäten zu absolvieren, bewerben sich auf eines der vom Direktaustausch angebotenen Programme -- diese beziehen sich teils auf Ländergruppen und teils auf einzelne Länder. The affluence enjoyed by Icelanders before 2008 initially rested on the fishing industry, but with the gradual contraction of this sector the Icelandic economy developed into new areas. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart occupies a place of his own as composer of some of the best loved European classical music while the works of Franz Schubert enjoy great popularity too. Suppressed under Soviet rule, the main religion, Islam, is undergoing a revival. bereit stellen. Praktika. Slovenia is a small country in Central Europe, but contains within its borders Alpine mountains, thick forests, historic cities and a short Adriatic coastline. Right at the heart of Europe and with a history intertwined with that of its neighbours, Slovakia has proudly preserved its own language and distinct cultural traditions. Partneruniversitäten in Nordamerika *AKTUELL: AUSWIRKUNGEN CORONAVIRUS* Bis auf … A landlocked, mountainous country, Switzerland's geographical position in central Europe and studied neutrality have given it the access and political stability to become one of the world's wealthiest countries. Stay updated with our many events for international and soon-to-be-international students! Straddling the continents of Europe and Asia, Turkey's strategically important location has given it major influence in the region - and control over the entrance to the Black Sea. https://www.fu-berlin.de/international/network/partners/index.html (Alle Länderbeschreibungen sind Auszüge aus den BBC World News Country Profiles vom 28.01.2011), International Office Vikings raiding from Denmark and the other Nordic nations changed the course of 9th- and 10th-century European history; in the Middle Ages, the Union of Kalmar united all of Scandinavia under Danish leadership. Partneruniversitäten. The state-run gas monopoly Gazprom is the world's largest producer and exporter, and supplies a large share of Europe's needs. They are invited to the polls several times a year to vote in national or regional referendums and people's initiatives. Croatia's declaration of independence in 1991 was followed by four years of war and the best part of a decade of authoritarian nationalism under President Franjo Tudjman. Although traditionally among the keener advocates of the European Union, Dutch voters echoed those in France by spurning the proposed EU constitution in a 2005 referendum. However, its position at the geographical heart of Europe on the key Danube trade route enhances its strategic importance. Zur Vorbereitung auf einen Auslandsaufenthalt wird ein "Fremdsprachliches Rechtsstudium" angeboten (s. www.rewi.hu-berlin.de/de/ip/cert/frs). Mit der HU haben Sie sich für eine der Universitäten in Deutschland mit der höchsten Anzahl an ERASMUS-Studierenden überhaupt entschieden. Januar - danach gibt es noch Restplätze. The report found that the authorities had known what lay in store for the Jewish refugees to whom they closed their borders in 1942, and had assisted the economy of Nazi Germany, although not to a degree that prolonged the war. Slovakia joined the EU in 2004 and the eurozone in 2009. November ist dies academicus, es finden noch keine Lehrveranstaltungen statt. It joined the United Nations only in 2002. Once the centre of the Ottoman Empire, the modern secular republic was established in the 1920s by nationalist leader Kemal Ataturk. D-10178 Berlin. After Franco's death in 1975, Spain made the transition to a democratic state and built a successful economy, with King Juan Carlos as head of state. Partneruniversitäten 3. Spain's modern history is marked by the bitterly fought Spanish Civil War of 1936-39, and the ensuing 36-year dictatorship of General Francisco Franco. Unlike Croatia or Bosnia-Herzegovina, Slovenia's independence from Yugoslavia was almost bloodless. Auf ins Ausland Planung 1. In fine art, the paintings of Gustav Klimt are widely admired. 10099 Berlin. Es gilt die erste aufgelistete Sprache für den Sprachnachweis. It has mediated between Israel and the Palestinians as well as in the Sri Lankan conflict, and has participated in military action in Afghanistan and Libya. : 0045-89 42 2017 Fax: 0045-89 42 2047 Kontaktperson ist Lene Lykke Christensen Die Bewerbung umfasst sechs Schritte. Part of Czechoslovakia until the "velvet divorce" in January 1993, the Czech Republic has a robust democratic tradition, a highly-developed economy, and a rich cultural heritage. Die zur Verfügung stehenden Plätze für 2021/22 finden Sie hier. ... Je nach Partneruniversität erhalten Sie bis spätestens Ende März eine Zu- oder Absage. Mit einigen dieser Partner wurden umfangreiche Möglichkeiten für den Austausch auf Studierenden-, Forschenden-/Lehrenden- und Mitarbeiterebenen vereinbart. It has linguistic links with Lithuania to the south and historical and religious ties with Estonia to the north. Partneruniversitäten Auf dieser Seite finden Sie alle Partneruniversitäten des Instituts für Erziehungswissenschaften. Switzerland has for centuries been a neutral state, which means that it cannot take part in armed conflict unless it is attacked. Like its Baltic neighbours, in the decade after independence Latvia made a rapid transformation to embrace the free market. (Download der Liste als PDF) Da das Institut für Rehabilitationswissenschaften eng mit dem Institut für Erziehungswissenschaften kooperiert, können Sie sich auch auf Plätze des jeweils anderen Instituts bewerben. The government expressed its regrets over the country's behaviour in World War II following a report by an independent panel of historians on Swiss relations with the Nazis. Xolographie als leistungsfähige neue Methode für den 3D-Druck. Take the art works of Botticelli, Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Tintoretto and Caravaggio, the operas of Verdi and Puccini, the cinema of Federico Fellini, add the architecture of Venice, Florence and Rome and you have just a fraction of Italy's treasures from over the centuries. 2. Room 2/3 Its forces have taken part in the Nato-led operation in Afghanistan, and in peacekeeping duties in Kosovo. In the world of philosophy and ideas, Sigmund Freud still provokes controversy while Ludwig Wittgenstein was one of the major influences in 20th century thinking. Bewerben Sie sich bitte zunächst bei Ihrer Heimatuniversität, diese entscheidet ob Sie für ein Auslandssemester nominiert werden. Forscherteam beschreibt neuartigen Methode im Fachmagazin “Nature" Korruptionsskandale: Wer bewacht die Wächter? Informationen zu Partneruniversitäten weltweit Die Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin ist weltweit mit vielen universitären Partnern und Forschungseinrichtungen verbunden. Brussels is the headquarters of the European Union and the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (Nato), making it the polyglot home of an army of international diplomats and civil servants. Was ist ERASMUS? Communist rule had lasted since 1948, when the restored pre-war democratic system was overthrown in a Soviet-backed coup. Alfred-Rühl-Haus Raum 0'202 Rudower Chaussee 16 12489 Berlin Kontakt. The capital, Vienna, is home to key international organisations, including the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE), the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and Opec, the Organisation of Petroleum Exporting Countries. Anmeldung erforderlich! The roots of that era stretch back to the 15th century when Portuguese explorers such as Vasco da Gama put to sea in search of a passage to India. A growing number of visitors are being drawn to its variety of attractions. Sweden's position as one of the world's most highly developed post-industrial societies looks fundamentally secure. Joining the European Union has been a longstanding ambition. im Juli für das folgende WS). Eine Mehrfachförderung ist möglich! For centuries Latvia was primarily an agricultural country, with seafaring, fishing and forestry as other important factors in its economy. A huge country the size of Western Europe, Kazakhstan has vast mineral resources and enormous economic potential. The people are given a direct say in their own affairs under Switzerland's system of direct democracy, which has no parallel in any other country. (Wintersemester) bzw. November 2020 zu verschieben, am 2. Austria has a very rich cultural heritage. Es gibt vielfältige Möglichkeiten für Jura-Studierende, ein Studium im Ausland aufzunehmen. Jedes Jahr studieren nahezu 1.000 ERASMUS-Studierende aus fast 30 Ländern an der Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin. Slovenia was the first former Yugoslav republic to join the European Union, in May 2004 - shortly after joining Nato. Es stehen Plätze für Ägypten, Indien (nur PhD), Israel, Jordanien und den Libanon zur Verfügung. Bewerbung 3.1. 01.07. PD Dr. Mohsen Makki Tel. Die Grundlage hierfür war die Vereinbarung zwischen dem Institut für Asien- und Afrikawissenschaften der HU Berlin und dem Ramdeo College of Management and Science in Pali, einer kleinen Tier-2 City in Rajasthan. Hungary traces its history back to the Magyars, an alliance of semi-nomadic tribes from southern Russia and the Black Sea coast that arrived in the region in the ninth century. The United Kingdom is made up of England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. Sollte Ihre Wunschuniversität nicht aufgeführt sein, können Sie sich gerne an uns wenden. It experienced its first period of independence in 1918, following the end of the First World War and the collapse of the Russian Empire. The country is divided into 17 regions which all have their own directly elected authorities. Bitte beachten Sie, dass Ihre Bewerbung erst dann abgeschlossen ist, wenn Sie sich auf den zusätzlichen Internetseiten der Serviceanbieter (Online-Bewerbung für das Programmstudium an der HU, optional auch Sprachintensivkurs "Deutsch als Fremdsprache", Wohnheimplatz, KUSTOS, Mentorenprogramm "Studis 4 Studis" und Berlin Perspectives) beworben haben. Wirtschaftswissenschaftliche Gesellschaft an der HU e.V. 1. The Kuomintang retreated to Taiwan, creating two rival Chinese states - the PRC on the mainland and the Republic of China based on Taiwan. 1 Stunde) ein Sprachzeugnis aus. Having uncoupled itself from its western neighbour, Slovakia at first struggled to prove itself as an independent democracy, but by the time of the twentieth anniversary of the "velvet divorce" in January 2013, it had come to be seen as one of Europe's biggest success stories. Partneruniversitäten. The republic was proclaimed in 1948 and received UN-backed support from the US after it was invaded by the North two years later. The country boasts spectacular scenery, including Lake Titicaca, the world's highest navigable lake. Several former prime ministers were implicated and thousands of businessmen and politicians were investigated. Sie können wählen, ob Sie 24 Monate im Studium oder 12 Monate im Studium und 12 Monate nach dem Examen (d.h. als Master) gefördert werden möchten. Dort findest du auch aktuelle Fact Sheets, in denen unsere Partneruniversitäten alle wichtigen Infos zu Kontaktpersonen, Kurswahl, etc. Kurds make up about a fifth of the population. Portugal, a country with a rich history of seafaring and discovery, looks out from the Iberian peninsula into the Atlantic Ocean. Gleichzeitig wird Ihre Heimatuniversität Ihnen mitteilen, welche Dokumente Sie der Humboldt-Universität übermitteln sollen und dass Sie sich online bewerben müssen. A nation with a proud cultural heritage, Poland can trace its roots back over 1,000 years. : +49 (030) 2093-6895 Fax: +49 (030) 2093-6835 Email: erasmus.geographie@geo.hu-berlin.de Public-private partnership is at the core of "the Swedish model", which was developed by the Social Democrats, who governed for most of the last 70 years until 2006. Um sich in die Moodle Gruppe einzutragen, muss man noch nicht zwingend einen HU Mail Account besitzen - du kannst dich auch mit deiner privaten Mail Adresse registrieren. Fotos: RUC. The Netherlands' name reflects its low-lying topography, with more than a quarter of its total area under sea level. Burgner_Milena.docx) an den Erasmus-Koordinator (Siehe oben). Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin | Juristische Fakultät | Internationales | Auslandsaufenthalte | Schwerpunkt im Ausland Schwerpunkt im Ausland Im Rahmen des Erasmusprogramms ist es möglich, das Studium in ausgewählten Partneruniversitäten als Schwerpunktbereich Nr. Erasmus Plus. Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin | Juristische Fakultät | Internationales | Universitätspartner Kooperationspartner der Humboldt-Universität Für diese Programme ist das International Office der Universität im Hauptgebäude (nicht das Büro für Internationales der Juristischen Fakultät) zuständig. For such a small country, Belgium has been a major European battleground over the centuries. Auf dieser Seite findest Du eine Übersicht aller Partneruniversitäten der Wirtschaftswissenschaftlichen Fakultät. It emerged from over 40 years of Communist rule in 1990, and was the first former Eastern Bloc state to acquire the status of a developed economy. Peru's rich and varied heritage includes the ancient Incan capital of Cuzco and the lost city of Machu Picchu. There have been periods of independence as well as periods of domination by other countries. Detaillierte Informationen über unsere Partneruniversitäten gibt es auch in unserer. Die Universitäten und Austauschplätze der WiWi für das akademische Jahr 2021-22 France was one of the founding fathers of European integration as the continent sought to rebuild after the devastation of the Second World War. South Korea has developed into one of Asia's most affluent countries since partition in 1948. Die Regionlareferate des International Office der Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin bieten zudem Hilfestellung, wenn der Wunsch nach einem Studienaufenthalt im nicht-europäischen Ausland besteht. Partneruniversitäten Die Wirtschaftswissenschaftliche Fakultät hat hat entsprechende Vereinbarungen zur Studierendenmobilität im Rahmen von ERASMUS mit 65 Partneruniversitäten in über 20 Ländern. Since regaining its independence with the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, Estonia has become one of the most economically successful of the European Union's newer eastern European members. Der Berliner Senat hat beschlossen, den Start des Wintersemesters auf den 2. The twentieth century saw Britain having to redefine its place in the world. A country of striking natural beauty with a stunning Adriatic coastline, Croatia is again very popular as a tourist destination. Progress towards democracy and a market economy was halting after Ataturk's death in 1938, and the army - seeing itself as guarantor of the constitution - repeatedly ousted governments seen as challenging secular values. Über ERASMUS/ERASMUS Mundushinaus unterhält die Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin zahlreiche bilaterale Verträge(sogenannte „Universitätspartnerschaften“ oder kurz „UV“) mit Partneruniversitäten aus anderen Weltregionen – also aus Asien, Afrika, Australien, Nord- und Lateinamerika sowie Osteuropa. Die Wirtschaftswissenschaftliche Fakultät hat hat entsprechende Vereinbarungen zur Studierendenmobilität im Rahmen von ERASMUS mit mehr als 80 Partneruniversitäten in über 28 Ländern. Positioned at the centre of Europe, it has known turbulent and violent times. The Communist North has slipped into totalitarianism and poverty. Mehr Informationen. Unter den Linden 6 10099 Berlin Telefon +49 30 2093 - 0 Telefax +49 30 2093 - 46702 Kontakt. 2. : +49 (030) 2093-6895 Fax: +49 (030) 2093-6835 Email: erasmus.geographie@geo.hu-berlin.de